Landscape Lighting Installations

The great thing about installing landscape lighting is that you start with a dark palette, and are able to highlight and accentuate the best features of a customers' property. Our outdoor lighting installations can be either part of your new landscape design project or an addition to your existing landscape.

We place lighting fixtures where they will create shadows and depth. We make sure focal points of will be featured by light, and that the unique architectural features are highlighted. And lastly, we make sure to hide the source of light and check glare from all angles.

Lighting Styles

It's important that the outdoor lighting design that you choose for your outdoor area has the right feel. Every yard is going to be different, as well, so there aren't any true template designs that can simply be picked up and applied to your specific setting. If your home and property has a central theme, be sure to make sure your outdoor lighting design strengthens that sensation.
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Lighting Techniques

Correct lighting techniques will highlight your important features and create the perfect amount of drama in a yard. Find out what techniques works best for your home's architectural features and garden accents.
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